Why Your Scalp Microbiome Matters Now More Than Ever

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Article written by Shab Caspara, hair expert and trichologist.

As a former hairstylist turned trichologist and hair health expert, the greatest lesson I learned was the necessity of shifting my focus from already grown-out hair to the way in which hair actually grows out of the scalp. The scalp itself is where your healthy hair journey begins and yet proper scalp care is often overlooked and underestimated. We have been conditioned to immediately address the look and feel of hair instead of understanding and addressing the “root” cause of our hair issues. Today, more than ever, your scalp requires more attention, better quality ingredients, and expert care. The days of infrequent shampooing, products with harsh, toxic, and scalp-clogging ingredients, and tight and abusive hairstyles must come to an end. 

The Importance of Scalp Microbiome Balance

When did the focus on the look and feel of hair exactly shift to the scalp and how did we get by for so long by neglecting and mistreating our scalps?

Statistically speaking, women are losing hair faster and younger than ever, and scalp conditions are on the rise. The simultaneous rise in these two conditions is no coincidence. The truth is, we no longer live in the same quality environments as we used to. The increase in air pollution, contaminants in our water, nutrient depletion in our food and soil, stress levels, use of medications, autoimmune disorders, and underlying ailments are all responsible for our overall well-being and subsequently the condition of our scalps and the quality of hair we grow. 

Now that we know what’s causing the need to shift our focus to our scalps, let's break down how to actually take better care of our scalps. 

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How to Care for Your Scalp’s Microbiome

The scalp is an extension of our facial skin and similarly has a unique microbiome, pH level, moisture levels and cells that benefit from exfoliation and regeneration.

The most important step in scalp care is the way in which we cleanse and maintain the microbiome. When the scalp is healthy, balanced, and free of build-up or inflammation, only then can we set the stage for healthy and thriving hair growth. Much like the importance of quality soil required for a healthy plant or flower to grow from, the scalp requires a healthy environment in order to grow its best hair. Practicing healthy scalp hygiene is easy when using clinically tested products like the Biotera® hair products. This professional line of microbiome-friendly shampoos and conditioners maintain an optimal foundation for healthy scalp and hair, and contain a blend of pre- and post-biotic ingredients.

Harsh cleansers and silicones are the biggest culprits in hair products that offset the scalp and hinder hair growth. Your best bet is a scalp-friendly shampoo that will especially prevent excessive oiliness, dryness or irritation on the scalp. Working on balancing the scalp can also help calm irritation caused by internal or environmental factors.

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Not only are the products you choose to use important in your healthy hair journey, but chances are your shampoo frequency needs a good auditing as well. Ideally, every other day is best to keep your scalp clear of scalp-disrupting build-up which can affect the quality of your hair growth by clogging the follicle openings. I recommend this frequency especially to those prone to excessive oiliness. And if you have a dry and tight scalp type, it’s imperative to use gentle cleansing shampoos provided in the Biotera® collection as often as every day or even every two days as they’ll only help to preserve the balance of your scalp and not dry it out any further. No matter how often you choose to wash your hair, be sure to always shampoo twice and to focus the shampoo on the roots and not the ends.

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If you’re feeling any imbalance with your scalp lately, or struggling to understand why your hair has slowly been changing for the worse, get started with a healthy scalp routine first and set yourself up for better hair days. 

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