How to Style Curtain Bangs Like an Expert

Curtain bangs are the latest hair trend sweeping across social media, and we love it. You may have once known the horror of trying to give yourself bangs, and we know how frustrating it can be trying to mask a bad cut.

But don’t worry. With our curtain bangs style guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from how to style curtain bangs to what products you should use for the perfect look.

Let’s get started by answering some of the most common questions.

What are curtain bangs?

Woman with curtain bangs hairstyle

Curtain bangs are a fringe that splits down the middle. Playing on the wildly popular Y2K middle part look, they can be tailored to suit your hair texture and length with ease. Curtain bangs actually date decades back. They were extremely popular in the 60s and 70s, and they naturally emanate a laid-back, flower-child vibe that we love.

Should I get curtain bangs?

You may have already asked yourself this late at night, standing in the bathroom mirror. We advise you not to give yourself any midnight makeovers. Instead, take some time to look up different hair inspiration ideas to find a curly bangs hairstyle you truly love.

Curly bangs are a great hairstyle because they are extremely flexible. They work well on all hair types, so you can capture an effortlessly casual, cool look for minimal maintenance. If you’re on the fence about a full-on fringe, curtain bangs make a great low-risk alternative.

How do you cut curtain bangs with scissors?

Cutting your own hair is an art not many can master, and that’s okay. Stylists exist for a reason! We always recommend getting your bangs cut for the first time by a pro. They can teach you how to do any trimming at home without going too short or accidentally thinning your fringe.

A woman cutting her bangs at home.

If you’re dead set on cutting your own curtain bangs at home, here are a few pointers:

  • Use hair scissors (not kitchen shears or craft scissors) and a flat-tooth comb.
  • Wash, blow dry and completely detangle your hair.
  • Draw a center part down the middle of your head, combing from the top of your head to the arch of your right brow. Part on the diagonal line, then repeat on the other side.
  • Comb this section straight down.
  • Run the comb down to your chin, then place your fingers at this point. Cut below your fingers.
  • Part again and cut downward parallel to the angle of your brows.
  • Always cut less and mirror-check as you go; it’s better to be too long than too short!

If you mess up your bangs, don’t be too hard on yourself. They will grow back, and you can always visit a stylist to find cute ways to mask your look until you’re happy with the length.

Hair stylists to help you get the style you want

If you accidentally cut your curtain bangs the wrong way, put the scissors down ASAP. Head to a local salon, or message one of our stylists, to fix the situation.

Are curtain bangs good for curly hair?

Curly curtain bangs are cute and easy to style. They allow you to add some depth to your hair without being forced to constantly straighten and trim your beautiful, natural locks. If you have curly hair and want curtain bangs, just keep in mind that length will impact your look differently than someone with straight hair.

When you cut curly hair, you have to account for any shrinkage that may occur. So, cutting too short could make your bangs way shorter than you’d like. We suggest cutting with wet hair and leaving your bangs 1 inch longer than you’d like; when your curls dry, they’ll hit just the right spot with plenty of bounce and volume.

How to Style Curtain Bangs

Curly bangs are super low-effort and easy to style. They work well for straight, long hair, wavy hair and even curly ‘dos and ‘fros. Styling curtain bangs can easily be done in a matter of minutes, whether you’re getting glammed up or keeping it low-key.

Styling Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs go best in a layered hairstyle. They add shape to an otherwise straight look, and they’re a simple way to frame your face.

Start off by shampooing with a moisturizing formula. For straight hair, we recommend Biotera. These products are clinically proven to remove bacteria without stripping your locks of their essential natural oils. This leaves you with a healthy shine and stronger strands that are easier to style.

After you’ve shampooed and conditioned, blow dry your hair on a low setting. As you work through your hair, grab a round brush and gently pull out from the roots of your bangs. This will give your curtain bangs a volumizing lift that keeps them out of your eyes.

Styling Curtain Bangs for Short Hair

If you have a bob, chin or shoulder-length cut, then curtain bangs can be a fun way to play up your look. Without making any big-level changes, you can maximize volume and create more fullness around your face.

You can go with a wispy look by having your stylist use a razor to create sharp, airy ends. They can also give your bangs a thinner look that’s less front-heavy. If you have stick-straight hair, then add some curl each morning with a round mini brush or curling wand.

Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair

Woman with curtain bangs styled in a curly updo

The right products make all the difference for curly hair. You need the right shampoo, conditioners and balms that maximize volume and keep frizz to a minimum. We suggest the All About Curls line for the greatest bounce, moisture and shine.

Curly bangs are super-easy to wear. All you’ll need to do is wash, dry and go! If you want to add a bit more oomph or emphasize your fringe, then we suggest trying a half-up, half-down style or low ponytail.

You can also use accessories to bring the front portion of your hair back, allowing your bangs to take center stage (after your beautiful face, of course).

How to Style Curtain Bangs With a Flat Iron

If you don’t have a round brush, you can use a flat iron to shape and style your curtain bangs. To do this, apply a pump or two of thermal protectant to ensure the heat doesn’t dry out your hair.

Next, separate your bangs down the middle, and use the flat iron to curl them gently inward, toward the middle of your forehead. Hold for 10-20 seconds.

Repeat the process with the bottom-half of the bangs. Comb through with a flat-tooth comb or your brush to loosen the tresses and get a natural look.

Optional: Lift and loosely pin the hair behind your curtain bangs back for a relaxed, romantic look.

Get Live Advice From a Real Stylist

Have questions about bangs? Going through a hair crisis? Want to know the best products for your hair type and color? We’ve got your back. Reach out to us today and consult with one of our expert stylists via live chat. We’re always here to help you take the best care of your hair.