Are Hair Rollers the Ultimate Volume and Bounce Hair Hack?

We've heard it all when it comes to hair hacks, but it turns out one of the best is actually super classic. Just call it part of the ongoing retro revival. We've loved seeing all the 90s vibes come back into fashion, and we've got the secret to getting that supermodel style volume and bounce. 

We're talking hair rollers. They're not just for your grandma. Say bye to burning your hand on curling wands or trying to give yourself a volumizing blowout. Rollers are actually super easy, affordable, and powerful. 

They can give your hair amazing volume that will have heads turning with its commercial-grade bounce. 

Don't believe us? Just take a look at TiTok #velcrorollers. We are so here for this movement, and in today's post, we'll be covering how to use hair rollers for unforgettable hair bounce and hair volume. 

How to Use Velcro Rollers 


Velcro rollers can give you a magnificent bounce without costing you the price of a salon blowout. Beauty treatments are fun, but we know they aren't always in everyone's budget. That's why finding some stylist-approved home hacks is so important.

The Velcro rollers trend sweeping across TikTok's beauty community may look too good to be true, but it's not! With nearly 40 million views at the time of this article's publication, this trend is clearly more than just a fad. 

Because rollers are easy to use and give you big results for minimal effort, they're the perfect hair care solution for anyone with a busy schedule. 

First things first, make sure you choose Velcro rollers that suit your hair. Bigger rollers will create waves and more volume. Curls come from smaller rollers. Since we're focusing on hair volume, we'll stick to medium to large Velcro rollers.

Here's how to use Velcro rollers in 5 steps:

  1. Brush and detangle your dry hair to ensure it's smooth. 
  2. Use a comb to separate a 4 to 6-inch section of hair at the top of your crown. 
  3. Split this section into an inch section, then gently curl it around the roller. 
  4. Repeat the process around the head, placing one roller behind another. 
  5. Spritz with a little hairspray for better hold, and leave for 5 to 10 minutes.

How to Remove Hair Rollers

Velcro rollers are a breeze to put in and even easier to remove. They're self-adhesive, so you won't have to worry about pinning anything into place. However, if you do find you need some better hold, a clip can keep a loose roller in place. This may be especially helpful if you have thick hair.

To remove Velcro rollers, just carefully unroll it out of the loop. Take your time, and if you hit any sort of snag, don't pull. Instead, gently lift the hair off the roller and move it until it comes loose. 

Once the rollers are removed, use your favorite comb-out routine. Just brush out your hair and direct it in the desired pattern. Or, just run your fingers through your hair until you get the look you're looking for. 

How to Use Magnetic Rollers

Magnetic rollers get their name from how well they hold hair. They aren't actually magnetic. In fact, most are made of straightforward plastic cylinders with ventilation holes cut through them. They're meant to be used with wet hair that clings to the rollers like they're — you guessed it — magnetic. 

There are six magnetic roller sizes to choose from: 

  1. X-Jumbo: 1 ¾ inches
  2. Jumbo: 1 ½ inches 
  3. X-Large: 1 ⅛ inches
  4. Large : 7/8-inch 
  5. Medium: 3/4-inch
  6. Small: 1/2-inch 

Medium and small will give you tighter curls with a strong hair bounce. For hair volume, stick to large and up. 

You may want to use magnetic rollers if you're also interested in a romantic curl. These will be more noticeable than the waves and general fullness you achieve with Velcro rollers. 

The biggest difference between magnetic rollers and Velcro rollers is that magnetic rollers are meant for wet hair settings. This results in a more prominent curl that lasts longer. Before you apply magnetic rollers, you'll need:

● A rat tail comb 

● A paddle brush

● Double-prong clips to hold rollers

● Hair serum or mousse (optional) 

Here's how to use magnetic rollers in 7 steps.

  1. Brush and detangle your hair, so it's tangle-free. 
  2. Mist with water from a spray bottle until it's damp to the touch. 
  3. Part your hair using a rat tail comb, starting from the top of your head. Make a section for every curl you'd like, e.g. six large waves, 10 medium-curls, etc. 
  4. Apply any styling product to each section before rolling. 
  5. Begin to curl from the tip of the section, slowly working your way toward the scalp. Move the roller in the direction you want the hair to fall when its loose. 
  6. Secure each roller with a double-prong clip, then move around your head, from top to bottom. 
  7. Wait 20 to 30 minutes for the hair to dry before releasing the clips and unwinding each roller. 

How to Use Foam Rollers 

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You know that stereotypical image of a grandma in her robe, slumbering away with a head full of rollers? That's thanks to the comfort of foam rollers, which many women use for overnight setting. 

One way to boost hair volume with foam rollers is to leave out your roots and the ends. Instead, you focus on winding the middle of each section for phenomenal movement and bounce post-setting. 

If you're wondering about foam rollers for short hair, just opt for small to medium rollers over large. 

Here's how to use foam rollers in 5 steps:

  1. Apply a styling product, like Biotera Alcohol Free Styling Mousse, to your hair to help set the curls without heat. 
  2. Clip your hair into sections, brushing them from the bottom to the top. 
  3. Start at the bottom section, wrapping 1- to 2-inch locks around the roller toward the scalp. Snap in place, and set with hair spray for a firmer hold. 
  4. Repeat the process as you work from the bottom, middle, and stop sections of your hair. 
  5. Leave the rollers in for several hours or overnight.

If you struggle to get a good grip, start by wrapping the middle of each section, then wind the remaining hair around it. 

How to Use Hair Rollers on Short Hair


Short hair can still get maximum style! You'll just need smaller rollers. If your hair is long enough, then medium rollers could also get the job done. Focus on creating larger waves or curls for greater volume. 

How to Use Hair Rollers on Long Hair 

Hair roller placement plays a large role in the final effect, and this is truer than ever with long hair. You can opt for shorter, tighter curls with maximum bounce by using a small roller set. 

However, if you're aiming for big hair with a lot of bounce and volume, use medium to extra-large rollers. These will give you a wider curl to work with, and even just using 10 can have a huge impact on your hair's fullness. 

How to Clean Hair Rollers

Velcro rollers can be cleaned by removing any stands and washing them with your usual shampoo. You can soak magnetic rollers in a warm water solution with a quarter-sized amount of shampoo. 

Foam rollers can be given a wash in the same solution, then blow dried or left in the sun. Just make sure you thoroughly dry them before putting them in your hair. Generally, when your foam rollers start to show signs of wear and tear, it's best to replace them as their material is less durable than Velcro or plastic. 

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