Mom Hair is Cool Again

4 Tips for Fabulous Mother's Day Hair

Have you ever been told you have “mom hair”? You’ll hope so after trying some of these styles!

Typically, mom hairstyles have been associated with outdated styles that look dry and dull.

Not anymore!

“Cool mom” hairstyles are all the rage, and they work whether you’re a new mom celebrating your first Mother’s Day or have been a proud mother for decades.

Say bye to stereotypes and get ready to celebrate your identity as a superhero, chef, storyteller, therapist, and every other role a mom wears in her lifetime.

Mother’s Day this year falls on May 8th, 2022, so you’ve got time to pick out a new look and perfect it before the big day.

What Hairstyles Are Good for Moms? 

In short, any and every hairstyle! There are no limits to what you can do with your hair or appearance just because you’re a mother.

That being said, shorter, angled looks tend to garner more favor among moms than longer locks. This is likely because they’re more practical and easier to manage when wrangling rowdy toddlers or bustling between your work and home life.

Going short might be a great way to simplify your hair care routine if you’re a new mom. You won’t have to worry about spit-up getting into your hair, going for a blowout, or frantically trying to straighten and tame curls while taking care of your baby.

But you don’t have to sacrifice looking (and feeling!) incredible because you’re a mother. In fact, being a mom can be a beautiful aspect of your identity, and you should be able to confidently own that. Most importantly, a new mom hairdo never needs to be boring!

That’s why our top Mother’s Day hairstyle suggestions are all about making mom hairstyles look chic, stylish, and as beautiful as you are.

Go for Layers, Baby

Layered locks are in, and they are so much fun. If you like short hair but feel it looks too flat for your features, layers are the ticket to more fullness.

A thick, layered, choppy bob can make you feel fresh and fabulous while still being easy to style. For example, you could shampoo and condition with your usual products, then finish your look with flawless hold and shine using Volumax’s products.

They keep your hair looking gorgeous without making it feel sticky or, even worse, sporting the dreaded helmet head.

If your layers still lack that oomph you’re looking for, opt for Volumax Volumizing Mousse or Volumizing Gel.

Turn Up the Dial on Color

Freshen up your tresses with some new color for spring! If you’ve started to see more grays than you like, don’t sweat it. AGEBeautiful color dyes are the go-to solution.

You can choose any color you like while still nourishing your natural hair and protecting it from breakage and damage.

Pairing your new color with a dye-safe shampoo and conditioner will help revamp your hair care routine. Remember, it’s essential to spend time taking care of yourself!

As for what shade to go for, think about your current color and whether you’d like to enhance it or go in a totally different direction, for example, if you’re a blond, you could either soften things up with honey highlights or go full-on platinum.

This spring, brunettes may enjoy opting for something warmer, incorporating caramel, coffee, and hazelnut hues into their locks.

You can also decide to have fun and experiment with something you’ve never tried. There are many variations of red, blue, and even purple hair that look mature and sophisticated.

Pro tip: Aim to stay within two shades of your natural hair color for the best results. If you want something more drastic, skip the at-home bleaching and work with a salon professional instead. They can mix the perfect color while offering product suggestions and care tips to keep your new look stunning.

Opt for Softer Looks

One of the things “mom hair” is notorious for is sharp, harsh angles and thick, stacked layers. Avoid this style and opt for a softer, gentler look instead.

Soft waves, for example, can be easy to care for, style, and manage while still looking youthful and put-together. They also look super chic when tousled and left to do own their thing!

Tonality plays a significant role in the appearance of your hair, too. If you aren’t up for managing a whole new dye job, you can incorporate highlights, lowlights, or some balayage to add greater depth to your hair.

When it comes to layers, make sure that they are a combination of lengths rather than one choppy bob. This can age you and ultimately limits future styling potential.

You should also consider not straying away from mid-length and long hair if you haven’t cut your locks already! Plenty of chic and easy hairstyles can make longer hair manageable for busy moms. Consider a side-swept braid, classic ponytail, or a bun with face-framing pieces.

Give Bangs a Go

Bangs are a fun way to change up your look. Although they can have a major impact, they are a relatively low commitment. After all, if you decide they aren’t for you, you can simply pin them back, sweep them to the side, and grow them out again.

There are also plenty of fringe styles to play with, from short and bold to wispy. You may even decide to hop on the TikTok bandwagon and try curtain bangs.

Get Professional Styling Advice at Home

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