Celebrate National Blonde Day

Happy Blonde Day! At Zotos Professional, we love every shade and style of blonde hair, whether you were born with it or are blonde by bottle. There’s a reason blonde is such a timeless color.

Whether you like a classic shade like Marilyn Monroe’s or a striking platinum blonde straight out of Malibu, National Blonde Day is all about celebrating your unique style. 

When Is National Blonde Day?

Before you book a self-care salon session or grab your DIY hair masks, you have to mark your calendars!

National Blonde Day is May 31st. 

The earliest reference to this day is July 2, 2003, when “National Blonde Day” was named to celebrate the premiere of Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is a modern blonde goddess. She inspired thousands of women to hit their salons and undergo a blonde makeover. If you’ve been considering trying it out yourself, why not make this event your big day? 

How Do You Tell if Blonde Hair Will Suit You?

Going blonde is considered one of the biggest hair transformations, but is it for everyone? Just like darker hues may not suit your complexion, pure blonde isn’t the most flattering choice for everyone, either.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have any blonde in your ‘do, though. 

The key to getting the right blonde for your complexion is color matching. Generally, we recommend going no darker or lighter than two shades from your natural color. However, that isn’t always feasible if you’re trying to go blonde from darker hair.

In most cases, people with fair skin and blue or green eyes tend to rock blonde the most naturally. However, plenty of bombshells with dark skin and eyes also look phenomenal with lighter locks. 

The best thing to do is consult with a stylist so they can suggest the perfect blonde for you. You may even decide not to go full-on blonde, but instead lighten your hair considerably and incorporate balayage or highlights. 

Also, if you want to try on color right now for zero risk, check out our virtual try-on tool. You can see what you’d look like with blonde hair right from the comfort of home! All you need is a smartphone or webcam.

Can You Dye Your Own Hair Blonde?

 With the right products, you can go blonde on your own at home. 

The AGEBeautiful Ultra Bond Lightener will help you lighten your hair naturally at home, and we have a variety of blonde dyes to choose from. 

Bear in mind that the first time you lighten and dye your hair at home, it likely won’t have the final results you want. Typically, this takes two applications. 

You may want to reach out to a stylist first for a consultation. This can help you discern what shade might be best, how to properly apply the developer and dye, and how to maintain your new locks. 

Blonde Hair Care Tips

Whether you’re a blonde for life or just for the summer, check out our stylist’s top tips for keeping your hair soft, silky, and stunning.

  1. Protect Your Color From the Heat


This includes sun exposure and styling equipment. Frequent blow drying, curling, or straightening can wreak havoc on your hair. Too much heat can cause your hair to oxidize, which will fade the color, especially if you have high porosity (aka curly) hair. 

Repeatedly having to re-color hair ultimately damages its quality, so you want to keep your dye locked in as long as possible. This not only spares your hair, but it also saves time, money, and product, which is good for the environment! 

  1. Use the Right Products


AGEbeautiful Ultra Bond Shampoo & Conditioners are perfect for blond hair care.  These are AGEbeautiful's first collection of daily maintenance products with built-in bonding for shinier and more youthful-looking hair.  The line is free of SLS/SLES Sulfates, gently cleanse hair, and are designed specifically for color treated or highlighted hair.

Always use Ultra Bond™ Cleanse + Ultra Bond™ Condition/Deep Treatment between lightening, highlighting or color applications to keep your hair youthful and healthy looking.

  1. Try Cold Rinsing


After you get a full lather and rinse once, follow up with some cold water. This can help close the hair shaft cuticle after the wash, which will allow it to lay flat and boost shine.  

Towel-dry afterward and, whenever possible, allow your hair to dry naturally. If you need to blow dry or style with heated equipment, make sure you use a heat protectant spray first. 

Get a Professional Consultation From the Comfort of Home


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