How to Give Yourself a Makeover

We could all use glow-ups from time to time. Of course, you look amazing, but maybe your style has fallen to the wayside thanks to work, relationships, responsibilities, and too many TV series to binge.

woman after makeover

Let’s make one thing clear first — giving yourself a makeover isn’t about living up to some societal standard. It’s a chance to pamper yourself, try something new, and celebrate your beauty. 

We may forget that we don’t need a special event to revamp our look. It’s more than enough to simply want to give your hair, nails, and wardrobe some extra love. 

Of course, some life events may cause us to neglect our appearance. These are usually good things, like having a baby, starting a new job, starting college, etc. But among all the awesome things life throws our way, it’s important to remember that taking care of ourselves is important, too.


More than anything, you should give yourself a makeover to reconnect with taking care of yourself. Have fun, play with new looks, and embrace all the unique ways there are to express yourself. After all, a home makeover is just as much about feeling good as looking good.

Here are our stylist’s top tips for giving yourself a home makeover, from choosing a new hair color to revamping your wardrobe.

Get a Fab New Hairstyle


You don’t need to chop off your locks for a major transformation. Just nourishing your hair with a collection of new products can do wonders. A good hair makeover should always start with nourishment. 

We’re talking about hydration and damage repair.

If you’ve grown comfortable with drug store dye jobs, chances are your hair has seen better days. It may be multi-tone, dull, dry, or have split ends that always seem to return with vengeance. Don’t worry, though. These are fixable problems you can even have fun correcting at home.

Start off by assessing your needs, then choose a product that will replenish and restore your hair to its natural glory. The Biotera line is perfect for replenishing, moisturizing, and strengthening hair that has seen better days. 

You can also have fun with some hair masks or leave-in conditioners. Nothing beats kicking back with some good music while your hair gets TLC.


You may decide that your hair makeover needs some more “wow!” factor mixed in. We get it. Go big or go home, right? Just make sure that you aren’t taking things too far. There are lots of ways to change your look without losing too much length. 

For example, you could consider changing your part, curling your hair, or snipping off dead ends. You can also book an appointment with your stylist, but before you do, here are some tips for finding the perfect look:

● Use magazines, Pinterest, Google, and Instagram for inspiration! Your fave celebrities or influencers may be rocking a style that you just have to try for yourself. 

● Make sure that you are 100% sold on a look before any major cut and color. Be specific, so your stylist knows exactly what you want. 

● Ask your stylist what look they think would be most flattering for you. They have a trained eye that allows them to color-match clients with the best hues and angles for their face shapes. 

Hair Color


Color is always a fun way to give yourself a transformation. You may decide to infuse some brilliance into your locks with highlights, accentuate your base tone with lowlights, or go in a completely new direction and dye your whole head a new color!

Choosing the right hair color can feel exhilarating — and a bit daunting. Here are some of our tips for choosing the best shade:

● Consider how you want to feel based on the shade. Are you looking for something cool and collected, bright and vibrant, or a bit more adventurous?

● Think about what colors suit your skin tone. As a general guideline, you shouldn’t move more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural shade. 

● Look at hair inspiration pics to fuel your imagination. Save them for your stylist!

● Think about the seasonal changes and maintenance. You may go brighter for spring, darker for autumn and winter, or flip the script!

● Think about highlights, lowlights, ombre, or balayage instead of a single-tone makeover. 

Try our hair color quiz to find your perfect shade! Explore dozens of different options to find the right look for your new style. Curly hair? Try our curly hair quiz to find what products work best for your curls!

Nail Style

Your nails makeover should help encourage strong nails and healthy growth. If you’ve been over-reliant on acrylics, now’s the time to give your nails a break. 

Use a good moisturizer and cuticle care kit. Then, get a buffer to smooth out any ridges. You’ll want a smooth, unpolished surface to give your nails the greatest chance to grow. 

When they do begin to recover, you can focus on choosing the right shape and color for your style. It’s perfectly okay to start going bare, too. An all-natural makeover can take you back to basics, and it’s just as good as anything more glam. 

How to Choose Nail Shape

Nail shape should consider the length of your fingers, the width of your nail bed, your desired style, and practicality. It’s not exactly easy to type on a computer with 3-inch nails, after all. Plus, growing your nails too long can actually weaken them and lead to brittle nails that easily break. 

A square nail shape is easiest to maintain — just move your file in a horizontal line across the nail until you have a straight tip. 

Rounded or oval nails offer a more sophisticated look, and you’ll need to use the file on each side of the nail until you get a rounded tip. 

Almond shaped nails work best if you prefer a longer style. To achieve this look, you’ll want to slim the sides, round the nail and give it a tapered tip. 

This guide by The Trend Spotter offers a deep dive into how to choose nail shape, different styles, and some nail inspiration pics for your next home manicure. 

How to Choose Nail Color

Nail color is all about personal preference, but you might want to be mindful of the quality and color if you’re using natural nails rather than acrylics. Dark shades can stain your nails, so make sure you always use them after applying one or two base coats of clear polish.

Lighter colors work best during the spring, and they can be more complimentary for everyday attire. On the other hand, dark shades like navy blue, ruby red, and obsidian black are also elegant and a fun way to add bold, dramatic flair to your look. 

Pro tip: Remember this rule when applying nail polish. Use no more than two coats of any light color, and no more than three for any dark shade. Never apply more than three coats of a shade to prevent clumping, air bubbles, and smudges. 


When you’re giving yourself a makeover, you can’t leave your closet out of the mix. But rather than aim for over-the-top pieces you’ll only wear once, consider a capsule wardrobe instead.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of pieces you can mix and match to create rewearable, stylish looks. Think staple blouses, t-shirts begging to be paired with a statement necklace, neutral tones, and flattering cuts that can easily be dressed up or down based on how you accessorize. 

A capsule wardrobe is meant to be reworn, and it saves you the stress of trying to always keep up with the latest trends. While you shouldn’t be afraid to throw in some more OTT pieces, the capsule wardrobe allows you to build from a foundation of flattering, stylish clothes that ensure you always look and feel amazing. 

Need Help Getting Your Makeover Started?

The Zotos Professional staff are always here to help guide you. Our experts can give you personalized product recommendations and style advice for your next hair makeover. Reach out to us today via LiveChat or our phone hotline!