AGEbeautiful® Gentle Crème Developer - 20 Volume


AGEbeautiful® Gentle Crème Developer - 20 Volume

Proven to fight all 5 SIGNS OF AGING HAIR™

Lifts 1 to 2 levels. Use with Permanent Liqui-crème or Toners

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A Mixing Must-Have
• Dedicated Gentle Crème Developer
• For best results, use with AGEbeautiful Liqui-crème Hair Color
• Lifts 1 to 2 levels
• Provides the perfect viscosity for use with bowl and brush or applicator bottle
• Mixing Ratio 1:1 (one bottle = 2 applications)
• Soft Floral Fragrance

Aqua (Water, Eau),Hydrogen Peroxide,Cetearyl Alcohol,Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil, Huile Minérale),Ceteth-20,Acrylates/Ceteth-20 Itaconate Copolymer,Phosphoric Acid,Methylparaben,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,Disodium Phosphate,Sodium Stannate,Squalane

20 volume lifts 1 – 2 levels and is recommended for complete gray coverage.

Mixing ratio is 1:1 (equal parts color and developer). Use with either an applicator bottle or a bowl and brush.

TIPS FROM THE ZOTOS PROFESSIONALS • To achieve the brightest, most vibrant effects with bold color, pre-lighten hair with AGEbeautiful® Crème Lightener • Apply barrier cream (conditioner works well!) around the hairline • Tools Needed:

  • Applicator bottle or bowl & brush
  • Towel or Cape
  • Timer
  • Optional: Barrier cream (conditioner works well)

Most of the time, 20 volume is a good choice!

• 10 volume lifts 1 level • 20 volume lifts 1 – 2 levels • 30 volume lifts 2 – 3 levels and is for use with Intense Lift • 40 volume is for use with Crème Lightener & High-Lift Blondes

I want to be sure I cover all gray hair. What should I do? For the deepest, richest color choose an AGEbeautiful® shade in the same level as the brand your client typically uses. So, if the client typically uses 6N, select 6N in AGEbeautiful®. Increase your processing time and use a 20-volume developer. Apply in thin, fine, 1/8”partings so hair is thoroughly saturated.


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